January 31

Zero config VPN setup for OpenWRT

The steps below work for 10.03 up to Barrier Breaker (trunk r39404 )

Download the right version for you ( Client or Server)



Version for 12.09 works also on Barrier Breaker (trunk r39404)

 opkg install http://download.neorouter.com/Downloads/NRFree/Update_2.1.1.4300/inabox/Attitude_Adjustment/nrserver-


Follow the instructions for creating a domain and Admin account.

Thats it!

Enable it and start it

/etc/init.d/nrserver.sh enable
/etc/init.d/nrserver.sh start


More Options, like change port etc

nrserver  --help
NeoRouter Free [Version]
Copyright (C) 2013 NeoRouter Inc.

*** Please run this command as root ***

Usage: nrserver [options]

-run [--dbroot ]]


-adduser   [admin|user]
-setrole  [admin|user]





You can download the client for Win/Mac/Linux/Android etc here

Also you may need the configuration app from the top of the downloads section



Copyright © 1998. All rights reserved.

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