January 27

Solaris LDOMs

This is a small how-to i created to create ldoms on Solaris

Create/add  HD space  (local/fiber etc

Rescan fibre

cfgadm -al 


Create zpool

zpool create ldom-name /dev/rdsk/c3t6001438005DED0C40000F000015E0000d0
zfs create -V 192G planjo/planjo-test
zpool status
zpool list

Add disk to ldm config

ldm add-vdisk  vdisk1  vol<number>@primary-vds0 <ldom name>



ldm add-vsw mac-addr=mac_address_of_physical_interface_to_bound_virtual_switch> net-dev=<physical_intf_name> <name_of_switch( usually primary-vsw0, secondary-vsw1) primary (<- this is the master ldom that holds configs)


Show All interfaces

ifconfig -a plumb 


(add ip to vswitch>

ifconfig vsw<1,2,3> <ip> netmask <subnet mask> broadcat + up 


Check current conf

 -> ldm list-domain -o (network, to see available vnets, disk etc ) 


Finally Create the domain

ldm add-domain <name of ldom>
ldm add-vcpu <number of vpus ex 8> <name of the ldom>
ldm add-memory <size ex 8G> <name of the ldom?
ldm add-vnet vnet<number> <name if the vswitch, ex. primary-vsw0> <name of ldom>
ldm add-vdsdev <physical dev> vol<number>@primary-vds0 <ldom name>
ldm set-var auto-boot\?=true <ldom name>  (sets autoboot)
ldm bind-domain <domain name>
ldm start-domain <domain name>


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