March 20

VPD is corrupted or Invalid (IBM & Cisco)

Since Lenovo FTP is having issues every now and then, I add here the script(s) to repair the VPD.


Original IBM/Cisco solution


This script must be executed under linux enviroment, for Windows 10 you can also use WSL (Debian)


Note also that the user (default  USERID) has to have S(upervisor) privileges and not O(Operator) under the MM config.



  • ensure you can access the AMM in question via ssh by opening an ssh connection,  ssh [email protected] (where AMMUSER is a user id on the AMM, and x.x.x.x is the ip of the AMM)
  • run the script,  ./SCRIPTNAME (for ex – ./expect-fix-vpd-2014-08-22-release-servo.exp)
  • Follow prompts
  • Open a terminal to the Bladecenter Chassis AMM with the affected switch (telnet or ssh) run info -reload all -T switch[x] where x is the slot number of the switch with the corrupted VPD
  • This should cause the error to go away, but in the event that it does not, you may need to reboot the AMM. If there are 2 Management Modules, pull the secondary, reboot the primary, and then check on the status of the switch again once the AMM is finished refreshing all its information (usually about 2-3 mins after it is available via http or pingable).
  • Upload logfile if the issue is not resolved

If the script seems to exit abnormally, the check to see if VPD values were corrected. If not, re-run script
before opening a support request.